Unit 2 Review

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Unit 2 Review
  1. Flood
    1. Noah was the only clean man
      1. Noah built an Ark
        1. Rained 40 days, 40 Nights
          1. At the end there was a rainbow, God said he would never flood the earth again
          2. 2 of every animal was on it
      2. Tower of Babel
        1. Man spoke the same language
          1. Man built tower so high "it would go to heaven"
            1. God changed everyones language
              1. They all scattered
            2. They all wanted to stay in one place
          2. Creation
            1. 7 days
              1. 1. Day: Light
                1. Day 2: skys and waters
                  1. Day 3: land and vegetation
                    1. Day 4: The lights (sun, moon, stars etc.)
                      1. Day 5: Sea creatures / birds
                        1. Day 6: Animals / Man / food
                          1. Day 7: Sabbath / completion
            2. Fall
              1. The Garden
                1. Adam and Eve lived in garden
                  1. God says not to eat from the tree of good and evil
                    1. Satan lies to Eve and convinces her to eat
                      1. Eve gives to Adam
                        1. They realize they are naked
                        2. Satan is father of lies
                2. Cain & Able
                  1. Cain first born
                    1. Cain first murder
                      1. Cains Sacrifice was rejected
                        1. Cain was a farmer
                        2. ground was cursed so Cain had a harder time farming
                          1. Cain was marked so that no one would kill him
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