Physics 1

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A brief breakdown of Module P1 OCR Gateway Core Science

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Physics 1
  1. Heat
    1. Energy= Mass x SHC x Temp Ch
      1. SLH - Energy into Ch state
        1. Conduction in solids, vibrations
          1. Convecton in liquids + gasses, move from hot to cold
            1. Radiation, doesn't need materials
            2. Heat Energy
              1. Insulation, heat in air pockets
                1. Thermograms
                  1. Efficiency = useful output / total input
                    1. Sankey Diagrams
                    2. Waves
                      1. amplitude, wavelength, crest, trough
                        1. Speed= Frq x WL
                          1. Diffraction
                            1. refraction - changing direction
                              1. types... R M I V U X G
                                1. Lasers, waves at same freq
                                2. Communication
                                  1. Infrared
                                    1. Remotes
                                      1. Security
                                        1. Monitor Temp
                                        2. Radio Waves + Microwaves - Long Distance
                                          1. Diffraction can effect signal stregnth
                                            1. Analogue signals vary, Digital is On or Off
                                            2. Waves and the Enviroment
                                              1. UV (from the sun) causes skin cancer
                                                1. The Ozone layer protects us
                                                2. (n)SPF sun creams = (n) x longer in the sun
                                                  1. Seismic Waves
                                                    1. P-waves are longditudinal
                                                      1. P Waves travel in the direction of the wave
                                                        1. S-Waves are transvers
                                                          1. The vibrations travel up and down
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