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This Mindmap is an outline for an essay I wrote about students in my school. See my essay here:

Resource summary

1 Allows students to collaborate and learn social skills for later in life
1.1 Equips us with social skills that might be used in jobs and college.
2 Creates a more friendlier atmosphere in a school
2.1 Creates a more healthier environment
3 Without students their would be no school
4 Improves our socialization with people
5 Improve personal and social development
5.1 Practice and gain social skills and confidence.
6 Provide an arena for learning with communiacation
6.1 learn fairness, cooperation and how to defer personal gratification to group goals
7 Negotiation and Cooperation among people increase
7.1 Can learn how to get along with others and agree to things more.
8 Improves conflict resolution
8.1 Can learn how to cooperate and get along with other more
9 Students can ask each other for help in school topics
10 Improves emotional control in students
11 Children learn to evaluate themselves through the eyes of their peers.
12 Establishes Peer Relationships
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