Language Frameworks 1

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Created by alexandramulhall almost 6 years ago
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Language Frameworks 1
1 Lexis
1.1 The vocabulary of the language
1.1.1 Affixation Attaching a prefix or suffix to a word
1.1.2 Conversion When a word changes its class
1.1.3 Compound Word Putting two words together to make a brand new word
1.1.4 Colloquialism Slang
1.1.5 Abbreviation Shortening a word
2 Semantics
2.1 The meaning created with words and phrases
2.1.1 Similes Comparisons using 'like' or 'as' 'As sharp as razors'
2.1.2 Metaphors Comparisons that don't use 'like' or 'as' Describe something as if it actually is something else 'He is a pig'
2.1.3 Personification A type of metaphor Gives an object or situation human qualities 'The wind whistled'
2.1.4 Metonymy Using a part of something to describe the whole thing 'The Crown' instead of the Monarchy
2.1.5 Oxymoron Brings two conflicting ideas together 'Bittersweet'
3 Pragmatics
3.1 How social aspects affect people's language choices
3.1.1 Prosody Pitch Volume Pace Pauses Intonation (tone) Stress Rythm
3.1.2 Politeness Strategies Definite with a negative word No/No way/Not a chance Definite without a negative word Are you serious?/I'd rather die Excuse I'd love to but... Evasive Can we talk about this later? Apologetic Sorry.../I'm afraid... Inarticulate Umm/Erm
4 Phonology
4.1 The study of sounds in language
4.1.1 Phonetics The study of how speech sounds are made and recieved
4.1.2 Phonology The study of the sound systems of languages and patterns of sounds
4.1.3 Phonemes The smallest unit of sound Combinations of these phonemes make up all the possible words and sounds in our language Vowel Sounds A,E,I,O,U Consonant Sounds B,C,D,F,G,H,I,J,K,L,M,N,P,Q,R,S,T,V,W,X,Y,Z Syllables A word's individual units of pronunciation Polysyllabic words have more than one syllable Monosyllabic words have one syllable
4.2 Ellision
4.2.1 When sounds are left out Library >> 'Libry'
4.3 Assimilation
4.3.1 When sounds that are next to each other become more alike Handbag >> 'Hambag'
4.4 Liaison
4.4.1 When a sound is inserted between words or syllables to help them run more smoothly
4.5 Phonological Frameworks
4.5.1 Rhythm
4.5.2 Rhyme
4.5.3 Alliteration
4.5.4 Assonance
4.5.5 Onomatopoeia

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