My daily routines

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daily routines

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My daily routines
  1. My name is Carolina Barreto
    1. I'm twenty-one years. I study in the Agustiniana University.
      1. I live with my mother and father in Mosquera.
    2. Every week my daily rutine is
      1. Monday
        1. I sleep until 8:30 am, I get up and take a shower. I dress, then I make up, and comb my hear
          1. At 9:30 Take a bus, 10:30- 12:30 go to class, 12:30 - 1:30 do homework , 1:30 - 3:00 go to english class, 3:00 Take a bus, and comeback home
        2. Tuesday
          1. In this day I get up at 8:30 and take a shower. I dress, then I make up and comb my hair
            1. Then I sweep floor, and clean the house, until to 12:00, since this moment until 12:30 I take a bus and go to the university until 3:00 I have english class ,
              1. In the afternoon , I do homerwork, listen music, and watch tv
                1. In the evening, i sleep and dinner with my parents
          2. Wednesday
            1. i get up at 4:00 am, this day is very hard , I take a bus at 5:15 am, I have class until 3:00 pm , when I comeback home just want sleep all day
            2. Thursday
              1. This day is very relax , I don't have class in the University for this reason I have time to do homework and reading books and clean the house
              2. Friday
                1. In this day I repeat activities to Wednesday, except that I don't have englis class but the schedule is same
                2. Saturday
                  1. This day is very relaxed , I stay in my home with my parents and I go to cinema, I go to park and enjoy with my friends
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