WRITINGS and his useful language

Shay Bea
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Shay Bea
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WRITINGS and his useful language
    1. the aim of this report is to....(explore, investigate..)
      1. Giving examples (for example, for instance...)
        1. CONECTORS: Although, As a result, However, due to
          1. CONCLUSION: in conlusion, to sum un,...
          2. AN OPINION ESSAY
            1. YOUR OPINION: In my opinion, I believe that, I think that, personally I find...
              1. ADDING IDEAS: Futhermore,
              2. A "FOR AND AGAINST" ESSAY
                1. On the one hand, on the other hand
                  1. USE MODAL VERBS (ought to, shoud...)
                    1. Add your opinion ( but not in the first paragraf)
                    2. A FORMAL EMAIL/LETTER
                      1. Dear Sir or Madam (if you don't know the person) and Mr or Mrs if you know the person.
                        1. I am writing to enquuire about.... (which I read in the magaxzine)
                          1. ENDINGS: Yours sincerely, yours faithfully
                        2. AN INFORMAL EMAIL/LETTER
                          1. use short forms
                            1. Ad questions, colloquial expressions and linkers
                          2. A DESCRIPTION
                            1. DESCRIBE the appearance and personality. Also describe (his/her) interests and lifestyle
                              1. Comaprations ex. (He's stronger than me)
                                1. Add memories
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