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tarea de teorias mapa conceptual 1

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  1. organized by
    1. Set if parallel, relatively close, dominant paths
      1. reinforced by
        1. presence of a dominant edge.
          1. interplay between path and edge is
            1. Important aspect of the visual form
              1. The paths are organized into rhythmically recurrent visual sequences
                1. characteristic
                  1. Distinguishes one direction from the other
                  2. also
                    1. chain of district focal points perhaps changing perhaps with some ranking of importance
                      1. Between the centers on the parallel lines run short cross-paths
                        1. fosi, cross-paths and sequential rhythms are
                          1. Coordinated, progress along on main path can mentally be correlated with that along th other main paths.
                  3. Open spaces are also linear, and probably part of ths edge system.
          2. first linear plan city
            1. ARTURO SORIA in MADRID
              1. This form can grow indefinitely in either longitudinal direction without losing its integrity, but can grow laterally very little.
                1. Not conducive to progressive change by means of infilling.
                  1. The city may also be changed more radically by building new parallel paths along the old linear open spaces, or be shifted bodily sidewise to occupy new parallel ground.
                2. Vivid visual contrasts between open spaces and intense linear development are built in to the from.
                  1. It gives the observer the choice of several means of organizations
                    1. Map shape
                      1. Major correlated sequences
                        1. Succession of centers
                          1. Relation to an edge
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