Hardware and Software

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Hardware and Software

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What is a hardware? Physical component/parts of the computer.
What is a software? Programs/sequences of instructions which run on the hardware.
What is a peripheral? An external hardware device.
What are the types of software? System Software Application software
What is system software? A layer of software which enables users to operate the computer.
What is application software? Program written to perform end-user task.
What is general purpose software? Software written to do more than one task.
Give examples of general purpose software? Word processor Spreadsheet Presentation
What is special purpose software? Software written to solve a specific problem (to do one task only).
Give examples of special purpose software. Payroll Weather forecasting Web browser Games
State one role of the operating system. Provide an interface between the computer and user. To manage devices/files/memory. To provide a virtual machine. To provide a software platform on which other programs can run e.g. application software. To hide the complexity of the hardware from the user.
State one purpose of library programs To provide access to procedures/functions when writing a program. To reduce amount of time taken to write a program. To allow sharing of run-time code across programs. To save memory as routines are only loaded when needed.
What is bespoke software? Software specially written/tailor made for an end user.
What are the advantages of bespoke software? Meets all of the end-user requirements. Only performs necessary functions. Can be fitted into existing hardware/software.
What are the disadvantages of bespoke software? More expensive as you have to cover production costs. Not available immediately - have to wait for software to be written. Less widely tested so more likely to contain bugs. Lack of 3rd party support.
Why might someone choose a special purpose application package rather than a bespoke solution? It's immediately available. It has a lower cost as development costs shared amongst many. Regular upgrades available.
Why might someone choose to order a bespoke piece of software? No appropriate software to solve the problem exactly. To run on existing hardware/software. No necessary features.
What is integrated package? Single piece of software comprising a group of applications. e.g. Microsoft Office
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