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Get to know you activity. Who is in your personal learning network? 7/8th grade math.

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  1. Home
    1. Does a family member help you do your homework?
      1. Do you have a tutor?
        1. Do you work with a friend?
        2. Berkshire
          1. Do you go to Saturday school?
            1. Who is your teacher right now?
              1. Are you in math lab?
                1. Are you in directed studies?
                  1. Who helps you be successful at school?
                  2. Past Teachers
                    1. What teachers have you had before?
                      1. Have you gotten help from other teachers?
                      2. Technology
                        1. Do you use a computer/tablet?
                          1. Do you use a calculator?
                            1. Do you use your phone?
                            2. Online
                              1. Do you use Google?
                                1. Do you use social media to get help?
                                  1. Do you use the online book?
                                    1. Do you watch online videos to help with HW?
                                    2. Other Ideas?
                                      1. Can you think of anything else in your network?
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