Job Roles for a Music Video

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Job Roles for media A level music videos.

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Job Roles for a Music Video
  1. Director
    1. This person organises the Mise en Scene of the music video that will be shown before the camera. They give instructions to the actors, artists and set organisers, on the way the set should be presented. They are the creative force for the production team from the script to the visual performance. They must visualise the style and structure of the video, through being aware of the narrative. They oversee the casting, script, shot list and editing.
      1. Director of Photography/Cinematographer
        1. Director
      2. Editor
        1. They assemble the footage, sound and special effects to make the main product. This helps show continuity and consistency and can use a range of techniques to engage the audience into watching the music video, e.g. graphic match.
        2. Producer
          1. They initiate, coordinate and supervise all aspects of the production, from the pre-production to the post production. They are also responsible for the budget and they oversee the project till the end. In addition, they arrange distributors for the production and may be involved in the marketing and distribution stages.
          2. Costume Designer and Makeup Artist
            1. Creates and designs the costume for the production being made. This can help reflect the artist's style or reflect the narrative of the song. Makeup artists work closely with the voice artist to produce the image they wish to show.
              1. Costumes/Wardrobe
                1. Hair Stylist
                  1. Makeup Artist
                2. Camera Operator
                  1. A person who operates the camera. They maintain composition, camera angles and movement.
                  2. Lighting
                    1. These people control the lighting required and use a range of filters depending on the genre of the song. This helps create the right atmosphere for the genre with different types of light to choose from: high, medium, low and natural.
                      1. Lighting Supervisor
                        1. Lighting Technical Director
                          1. Lighting Design
                        2. Casting
                          1. They help organise auditions, arranging the time and place, for the possible actors. Depending on their job, they play a vital role in finding agencies or organising open auditions to find the best possible talent. They also negotiate fees and contracts once the actor is given the part.
                            1. Casting Director
                              1. Casting Recruiter
                                1. Casting Coordinator
                              2. Actors/Music Artists
                                1. A person whose profession is acting onscreen through a media platform. They portray the role of the character that they have been set. Often the music artist will portray the narrative alongside actors.
                                2. Still Photographer
                                  1. They take photographs for publicity and press pieces. This can increase target audience and increase the music sales as more people would want to watch the video. Some pictures could be used by newspapers and magazines to promote the artist and song.
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