The World´s Records

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The World´s Records
1 Milan, Italy, April 11, chinese wei shengchu established the Guinness world record for the largest number of needles stuck in his head. Exctly 2009
2 UK, September 2011, Pete glazebrook grown in the north of the UK an onion of 7.7 kilos, This large bulb owns the Guinnes world record for the heaviest onion world
3 China, April 2012. The chinese Beekeeper she ping coreved her body with 331,000 bees (33kilos) to beat the previous record of 26.7 kilos of bees o a human body.
4 Costa Rica, 52 February 2012. Costa ricans chefs set the world record for the number of cantonese fried raice. The prepared 1,360 kilos of this dish, enough to feed more than 7,000 people
5 Tbilisi, Georgia, December 2011. The Guinness World for the highest number of spoons on a human body belongs to Etibar Elchiyev, who managed to hang from your body 50 metal spoons magnetized
6 Singapore. The aquarium resosrts world Sentosa in singapore is in the ¨Guinness World Records¨ as the largest aquarium in the world. It houses 80,000 marine animals of 800 species, contains 42.9 millon liters of water and has the panel of the worlds largest acrylic
7 London, UK, June 2010. Battersea Park, a group of british runners dressed in inflatable sumo suits set a new world record: the biggest marathon is sumo suit.
8 Bangkok, Thailand, February 2013. 4,483 Thais turned their rings ¨Hula.hoop¨simultaneously for seven minutes, wich is the Ginness record of this ¨discipline¨