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Nanda Ronanki
Mind Map by Nanda Ronanki, updated more than 1 year ago
Nanda Ronanki
Created by Nanda Ronanki over 6 years ago

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  1. Search
    1. by destination (location)
      1. type - beach, sun, rainforest, island etc
        1. origin airport
          1. search by virtually every aspect of the trip
          2. Browse
            1. Region (Asia etc)
              1. budget range
                1. holiday type
                  1. duration
                    1. be able to filter further using finer elements - example LHR,LCY,LGW departure)
                    2. Create 'dream honeymoon'
                      1. Capture
                        1. 'things to do' - see
                          1. Locations
                            1. Budget (and flexibility range)
                              1. Won't compromise on: 1. location 2. flight class 3: budget etc
                              2. Travel agents get alerted when a 'dream honeymoon' is created
                                1. travel agents have 24 hours to respond with an offer
                                  1. every offer has a 'valid until' date/time
                                    1. offers must be built as 1.all inclusive or 2.flexible. Flexible must allow removal or addition of some elements of the trip
                                    2. what other couples are doing
                                      1. show most recently booked packages
                                        1. discuss experiences
                                        2. buy holiday
                                          1. custom
                                            1. build holiday using selections


                                              • build via the search or the browse function
                                            2. pre-packaged holiday
                                              1. customise trip aspects


                                                • Not all aspects may be customisable - depends on trip provider's flexibility
                                                1. pay for customised trip
                                                2. pay for trip as packaged
                                              2. User profiles
                                                1. Logins/User accounts
                                                  1. save dream honeymoons
                                                    1. create wishlists
                                                      1. personal information
                                                        1. preferences - airlines, flight class etc
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