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Schools of Thought in Second Language Learning


Conceptual map of the theories of language.
karla giselle Cruz rios
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Schools of Thought in Second Language Learning
  1. 1900 - 1950
    1. Behaviorism
      1. Observable behaviors
        1. Mental processes were ignored
      2. Structural Linguistics
        1. Observable linguistic behaviors
          1. Meaning or thought were ignored
            1. Learning through conditioning
              1. classical
                1. Operant
                  1. Positive reinforcement
                    1. Positive punishment
            2. Leonard Bloomfield, Edward Sapir, Charles Hockett & Charles Fries
            3. 1960 - 1980
              1. Generative Linguistics
                1. Interested in describing & in arraving at an explanatory of language
                  1. Competence reveals the meaning and thought (deep structure) that generates the observable performance
                2. Cognitive Psychology
                  1. Meaning, understanding, and knowing were significant
                    1. Sought to discover underlying motivation and deeper structures of human behavior
                      1. Focus on psychological principles of organization and functioning
                  2. Noam Chomsky & David Ausbel
                  3. 1980 - 2000
                    1. Constructivism
                      1. All human beings construct their own version of reality
                        1. Emphasis in active processes of construction & in the nature of knowledge and its variations
                          1. Piaget
                            1. Individual cognitive development as a solitary act
                              1. Biological timetables and stages of development were basic
                              2. Vygotsky
                                1. Social interaction was foundational in cognitive development
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