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Mathematics Data


Data analysis of Mathematics 20q15
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Mathematics Data
  1. After 40/80/120 Weeks
    1. Large % of Māori students are at or above standard
      1. Only one Māori student achieving below standards
        1. At 40 week anniversary students are incuded in data
          1. Students less than 40 weeks are not included in the data
            1. At 80/120 anniversary students move into appropriate data set
            2. Year 4 Students
              1. A high percentage of students achieving above standard
                1. Only 2 Māori students achieving below
                  1. Look at evidence for CN - seems to be an anomaly
                    1. Correct meds have helped VR improve achievement level
                    2. Year 6
                      1. Only DP is at standard
                      2. Year 8
                        1. 3 students have moved up a band
                          1. High number of girls are below standard
                          2. Hunches
                            1. Teachers looking more at assessments and OTJ judgements
                              1. Target students working with KM
                                1. How do we identify and show acceleration in a band?
                                  1. Clearer data
                                  2. Actions
                                    1. Identify who the target students are in your class
                                      1. Identify target students in class inquiry
                                      2. Date Information
                                        1. Bold names are Māori
                                          1. Green names are Pasifika
                                            1. Highlighted yellow - moved up band
                                              1. Blue highlight dropped a band
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