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I hope you like this mind map of what you said in your session today. I hope you can see it.!!

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  1. Lonely feeling
    1. Not connected to the endocrines
      1. Draw a connection from heart to ovaries
        1. Freezing Cold
          1. **** Lesions on the spine from the MS
            1. What helps it?
              1. Ionic minerals
                1. energy to pull in the connections
                  1. Transmissions, more circulation through the mineral deposits
                2. Bravo probiotic
                  1. Breaks down the restriction and inflammation clogging
                    1. adds substance to the right process
                      1. *** lymph neuro connection
                        1. film between the egg shell, nerves, and lymph
                          1. Helps with the mylen sheath restoration
                            1. Body feels hopeful!!
                            2. membrane is so important between the shell
                              1. helps to build back up after environmental events
                            3. Inside Outside Chinese Herb
                              1. Chinese herbs on the sheath
                          2. Digestion
                            1. The layer between the skin and the blood flow
                              1. Needs better circulation under the skin
                                1. *** Lymph issue
                                  1. Lost circulation
                                2. BDNF
                                  1. helps the mylyn sheath
                                    1. Connect the nerves and the gut like the egg skin does
                                    2. Relates back to the lesions
                                  2. builds a discernment field
                                3. reconnect the lesions
                                  1. Theramedix: Enzyme formulas
                                    1. to build raw conductive materials
                                    2. Outside area of issue
                                      1. Theramedix: seretio
                                        1. Aura Patch: scar tissue
                                        2. Inside area of issue
                                          1. Theramedix: Super Strength Digestion DGX
                                            1. Patch: Organ Cleanse
                                            2. BS/MC tested everything and got to frequencies & circuits
                                              1. LM's masseuse closed the circuit manually, great clue!
                                              2. Aura Patches
                                                1. Builds the action to keep circuit going!
                                                2. Center layer: Storage
                                                  1. Bravo Probiotic
                                                  2. Insulation Layers
                                                    1. Guidance for cerebral minerals: Calcium, Iron, Magnesium


                                                    2. Insulation layers
                                                      1. Guidance for enteric minerals: Zinc, Lithium
                                                      2. Cell wall/Mylen Sheath
                                                        1. Homeopathic: Mylen Sheath
                                            3. surgery (trying to remove scars) make more scars
                                              1. Coconut oil helps
                                                1. Demensia is a result of not having these by products to build with
                                                  1. to build this back
                                                    1. Takes these layers down naturally
                                                      1. Essential oils also cut through the biofilms
                                                        1. Instead of bleach use things the body can use
                                                          1. These things come from climates with extreme heat and cold
                                                            1. Antibiotics break down the insulation of the cell walls, nerves, lymph
                                                              1. Magnetic fields such as cell phones again leave no insulation at cell wall level
                                                                1. Precious metals used controlling batteries impact this by charging metals in the body
                                                          2. vinagar
                                                        2. also needs water and protection
                                                        3. takes out the materials that it needs to build itself back up
                                                          1. keyloids, when healing, it makes these on face etc.
                                                            1. Makes too much protection and acts like a scar
                                                              1. over stimulates and then over protects with armor
                                                          2. 3 layer model like the cells
                                                            1. Inside wall
                                                              1. Gut, feelings is stomach intestines
                                                              2. Storage
                                                                1. Energy transfer
                                                                2. Outside
                                                                  1. Mental, liver skin,
                                                                    1. Gotta have the insulation
                                                                      1. This is what is missing for her
                                                                3. Right foot
                                                                  1. relates to the north node disconnect
                                                                    1. strong sever from past life like sword slash on spine
                                                                      1. impluses and insulation
                                                                        1. Shocks from spine, interconnection from the issue
                                                                        2. trust vs control
                                                                          1. control wants to live
                                                                            1. Control holds up in LI
                                                                              1. Let go of downward spiral energy
                                                                                1. Feels lighter and brighter
                                                                            2. trust says its okay to let go
                                                                                1. Increases Light and Bright
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