Basic Conventions of a Film Trailer

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This is my codes and conventions for a typical film trailer.

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Basic Conventions of a Film Trailer
1 The beginning
1.1 Production Logo
1.1.1 Production logos are included as they may help gain more viewings and a wider audience due to the reputation that the company may have gained. E.g. Working Title This also gives the audience an idea as to what the film genre would be as production companies often stick to a certain genre However there are many situations where this is not the case, which has happened over the more recent past. E.g. family friendly films
2 The end
2.1 Film title
2.1.1 The film title is in every trailer and most often shown at the end of the trailer
2.1.2 Fitting the genre Colour Colour conotations Red = Romance Black & White = Thriller Font Back drop
2.1.3 BBCF Age Certification When a UK film is released it is always given an age certification by the BBFC (the British Board of Film Classification) Acts like a guideline for the target audience age The certification hints the context of the film E.g. 18 Certification = blood, violence, sex, drugs, swearing
3 Social Media
3.1 New additions to trailers
3.1.1 Website URLs
3.1.2 hashtags
3.1.3 facebook accounts
3.2 This is used to spread awareness of the film
3.2.1 Works like an advertising campaign
4 Character introduction
4.1 This is an important way for characters to engage with the film as they like to connect and relate to certain characters
4.2 Famous actors
4.2.1 already have a fanbase so it widens the fanbase of the film as they enjoy the actors work previously E.G. Legend = Tom Hardy
5 Music and Voiceovers
5.1 This is very important for film trailers and can either go really well or really badly
5.2 The music sets the pace and genre of the film
5.3 Voiceovers often inform the audience of the plot and introduction to the characters
6 Name captions
6.1 Directors
6.1.1 Some directors have very specific film types/genres meaning like the actors will have certain fanbases which helps with the fanbase of the film
6.2 Actors
6.3 Producers
7 Release date
7.1 The trailer is often released a few weeks before the release date as it gives time for the audience to grow.
7.2 The date is usually shown at the end of the trailer as it is important for the audience to remember so they don't forget to go and see it
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