Effective Citizens

Hayden Barry
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effective citizens

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Effective Citizens
  1. Geography
    1. Use a map scale to figure out how far away cities are.
      1. Understand different religious beliefs.
        1. Work on protecting wildlife.
          1. Support clean-water projects.
            1. Study tribes
              1. Write a travel guide.
                1. Captain a ship.
                  1. Learn about the jungle Pygmies.
                    1. Work in a diamond mine.
                    2. Economics
                      1. Make a household budget.
                        1. Hire a distribution company to move your products.
                          1. Decide how many goods to produce.
                            1. Make a deal.
                              1. Use data to predict population density or your city in 20 years.
                                1. Design and sell auto parts.
                                2. Government
                                  1. Choose a position about an issue.
                                    1. Participate in a debate with facts.
                                      1. Identify types of government.
                                        1. Contact your representative.
                                          1. Write or sign a petition.
                                            1. Go to a political rally.
                                              1. Represent the USA.
                                                1. Run for council.
                                                  1. Represent a defendant at a trial.
                                                    1. Be a police officer.
                                                      1. Know the bill of rights.
                                                      2. History
                                                        1. Analyze past battles.
                                                          1. Organize causes of events.
                                                            1. List the effects of an invasion.
                                                              1. Teach about Ancient Egyptians.
                                                                1. Date the age of dinosaurs.
                                                                  1. Analyze major events.
                                                                    1. Make a timeline.
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