Effective Citizens

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Social Studies: Things Effective Citizens can Do

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Effective Citizens
1 Economics
1.1 make a household budget
1.1.1 Hire a distribution company to move your products to another state Use data to predict population density for your city in twenty years Design and sell auto parts To work in a diamond mine in Sierra Leone To be a police officer Decide how many goods to produce this quater Understand different types of religious beliefs and how they impact life
2 Goverment
2.1 Know the bill of rights
2.1.1 Run for city council Represent a defendant at crime trials Represent the USA as an ambassador in Kenya List the effects of an invasion Go to a political rally Make a deal with a Chinese company to trade smart watches Contact your representative to solve a problem Identify different types of goverment Gather evidence to choose a position about an issue To participate in a formal debate with factual evidence
3 History
3.1 Analyze past battles
3.1.1 Organize causes of events from BC Live among and study the various Bantu tribes Teach about Ancient Egyptians Radio-carbon date the age of dinosaur bones Analyze the major events of the Ming Dynasty Make a timeline of Indus River Civilations Learn the favorite food of jungle pygmies
4 Geography
4.1 Write or sign a petition
4.1.1 Work on wildlife projects Support clean water projects Use a map scale to figure out how far away cities are Write a travel guide to Indoesia Captain a ship across the Atlantic

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