Group 1 Elements

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Created by jess99 almost 6 years ago
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Group 1 Elements
1 common name = alkali metals (they form alkali solutions when they react with water)
2 Reactivity increases as you go down the group
3 Physical Properties
3.1 soft enough to be cut by a knife
3.2 have to be stored in oil to stop them reacting with the water in air
3.3 shiny when freshly cut, tarnish on exposure to air due to a layer of oxide forming
3.4 melting and boiling points decrease down the group
3.5 float on water - density goes up down the group
3.6 conduct heat and electricity
4 Experiment: reacting Gp 1 elements with water
4.1 Lithium: fizzed but didn't melt, reasonably vigorous but nothing too exciting
4.1.1 Lithium+Water⇒Lithium Hydroxide+Hydrogen 2Li+2H₂O⇒2LiOH+H₂
4.2 Sodium: fizzed more than lithium, melted, more violent reaction than lithium, carried around by lots of Hydrogen, left a white trail
4.3 Potassium: produced a lila/purple flame (Hydrogen burns)
4.4 The pH of the solutions changed from neutral to alkali - the solution is a strong alkali

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