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Pre-Production Skills


GCSE iMedia Mind Map on Pre-Production Skills, created by K Livingston on 09/11/2015.
K Livingston
Mind Map by K Livingston, updated more than 1 year ago
K Livingston
Created by K Livingston over 6 years ago

Resource summary

Pre-Production Skills
  1. Mood Boards
    1. Similar to a collage
      1. Used to...
        1. gather information, ideas and concepts
          1. help to generate/ develop ideas
          2. Contents
            1. Images
              1. words
                1. symbols
                  1. colour schemes
                2. Mind Maps
                  1. Used to...
                    1. develop ideas further
                      1. show development routes and options for an idea
                        1. show component parts and resources needed for a creative media product
                        2. Contents
                          1. short, meaningful phrases
                            1. pictures & symbols
                              1. key words
                            2. Storyboards
                              1. Used to...
                                1. Plan animatins/ videos (e.g. films, commercials, etc.)
                                  1. organize the flow of filming (like a blueprint)
                                    1. visualise what each scene will look like
                                    2. Series of images with a description/ explanation for each
                                      1. can be hand-drawn or computerized
                                      2. Contents
                                        1. number of scenes
                                          1. camera movements (pan, tilt, zoom)
                                            1. camera shot (close-up, mid, long)
                                              1. camera angle (over the should, aerial, low-angle)
                                                1. sounds (dialogue, sound effects)
                                                  1. timings
                                                    1. location
                                                      1. lighting (types, direction)
                                                    2. Scripts
                                                      1. Contents
                                                        1. location of scene & time of day
                                                          1. action
                                                            1. shot types
                                                              1. camera movements
                                                                1. sounds
                                                                  1. characters
                                                                    1. dialogue
                                                                    2. Used to...
                                                                      1. plan television shows or films
                                                                        1. used by actors to learn their lines for scenes
                                                                        2. plan comics, voice-overs or computer games
                                                                        3. Written documents that explain a scene and the narrative for characters
                                                                          1. may be completely original stories or adaptations of books or other storylines
                                                                            1. usually written on the computer
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