skills of effective citizens

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skills of effective citizens
  1. history
    1. geography
      1. use a map scale
        1. economics
          1. civics
            1. position about an issue
              1. Participate in a formal debate with factual evidence
                1. Diffrent types of goverment
                  1. representative to solve a problem
                    1. write or sign a petition
                      1. hire a distribution company to move products to other states
                        1. make a deal with Chinese company
                          1. go to a political rally
                            1. represent the USA as an ambassador in kenya
                              1. run for city council
            2. household buget
              1. protecting wildlife
                1. clean water projects
                  1. list effects of an invasion
                    1. write travel guide to indonesia
                      1. captain a ship across the Atlantic
                        1. represent a defendant at a criminal
                          1. be a police officer
                            1. know the bill of rights
                              1. design and sell auto parts
                          2. use data to predicted population density
                    2. understand different religious belifs
                      1. decide how many goods to produce
                        1. live among and study the various Bantu trides
                  2. analyze past battles
                    1. events from BC
                      1. radio carbon date the age of dinosaur bones
                        1. analyze the major events of the Ming dynasty
                          1. make a time line of indus river civiliza
                            1. learn the favorite foods of jungle pygmies
                              1. work in a diamond mine in sierra Leone
                      2. teach about ancient Egyptians
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