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Qudratic Mindmap
  1. axis of symmetry :A Vertical line that cuts the parabola into 2 equal halves/were it folds over to meet the other side of it
    1. vertex:The "peak" in the parabola/curve
      1. parabola:a curve that is formed from the x being squared
        1. Minimum a Parabola that opens UP.
          1. Maximum a parabola that opens DOWN
            1. x-intercept:Where the parabola crosses the X axis(Can have either 0,1,or 2 x intercepts)
              1. Y Intercept:Where the parabola crosses the Y axis
                1. zeros of the function he roots are called the x-intercepts of the graph. They correspond to points on the graph that have y-coordinates of 0.
                  1. roots of the equation A real number x intercept
                    1. end behavior is the behavior of the graph of f(x) as x approaches positive infinity or negative infinity.
                      1. discriminant:determines the kind of root the equation has.
                        1. difference of squares a squared number subtracted from a perfect square.
                          1. perfect square trinomial a 3 termed polynonomial
                            1. factors of a quadratic finds the roots or x-intercepts of a quadratic equation.
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