B1: 1.3 - Inheritance, exercise and health

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Inheritance, exercise and health

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B1: 1.3 - Inheritance, exercise and health
1 Inherited factors from your parents affect appearance, metabolic rate, proportion of muscle to fat and partly affect cholesterol.
2 You need cholesterol for your cell membranes and also to make vital hormones.
2.1 One form is healthy, but the other can cause health problems.
2.1.1 If the balance of your cholesterol levels are wrong, your risk of getting heart diseases increases.
3 People who exercise regularly are generally healthier then people who do not.
3.1 Because you use more energy, you are less likely to be overweight.
3.2 You are less likely to be affected by things like arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure.
3.3 Your cholesterol levels are also affected by exercise. It helps balance the two different types of cholesterol.
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