Romeo and Juliet Characters

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Romeo and Juliet Characters
1 Romeo
1.1 Around 16 years old
1.2 Son of Lord and Lady Montague
1.3 Only interested in love
1.4 One of the main characters
2 Juliet
2.1 Main Protagonist
2.1.1 Speaks to the audience the most
2.2 Grows up throughout the play
2.3 Daughter of Lord and Lady Capulet
2.4 Determined, basically pro
2.5 Thirteen
2.6 Witty and Intelligent
3 Nurse
3.1 Lower Class Woman
3.2 Juliet's Companion
3.3 Adds a humorous element to the play
3.3.1 Dirty-minded, she says things that other characters wouldn't
3.4 Tells Juliet about sex and babies
3.5 Betrays Juliet by telling her to marry Paris when Romeo is exhiled
3.6 Acts as the messenger between Romeo and Juliet
3.7 Urges Juliet to marry Romeo
4 Tybalt
4.1 Given the nickname of the 'Prince of Cats'
4.2 A Capulet, Juliet's cousin
4.3 Personification of Hate, and he likes to fight
4.4 Kills Mercutio, killed by Romeo
5 Mercutio
5.1 He like to fight and never turns down a duel, which leads to his downfall
5.2 His name sound like the word 'mercurial' which means touchy and volitile
5.3 Romeo's best friend
5.4 Neither a Montague or a Capulet, but chooses to be on the Montagues side
5.5 More lust than love
6 Friar Laurence
6.1 Believe that the union between Romeo and Juliet will stop the Capulet-Montague feud
6.2 A mentor for both Romeo and Juliet
6.3 Arguably to blame for Romeo and Juliet's deaths
7 Other Characters
7.1 Benvolio
7.1.1 Romeo's Best Friend
7.2 Rosline
7.2.1 Romeo's love interest at the start of the play
7.3 Lord and Lady Capulet
7.4 Prince
7.4.1 In charge of Verona's 'police'
7.5 Paris
7.5.1 Betrothed to Juliet
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