Software Idea For Learning

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Speaking on software ideas

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Software Idea For Learning
  1. Targeted Group
    1. SEN Students
      1. Very large group of students often left behind in education
      2. Children / Early Learning
        1. Early behaviours often carried to adulthood
          1. Building block idea
          2. SEN Teens???
            1. More likely to have iOS
              1. Often forgotten in education
            2. Companion App for Classroom Lessons
              1. Take into Account different types of learner
                1. Kinaesthetic
                  1. Games
                    1. Basic Literacy/ Numeracy Activities
                      1. Wordsearches/ Association Game
                    2. Auditory
                      1. Cues to sound out words and concepts?
                        1. Audio tracks to help outside of a lesson for extra learning
                        2. Visual
                          1. Imagery
                            1. Pictures to associate with relevant lesson
                              1. Possibly videos
                                1. How to incorporate in a lesson??
                                  1. Silent videos
                                    1. Possibly GIF Files?
                          2. Dilemma being addressed
                            1. Larger Class sizes mean that lessons are becoming more generalised and less personal
                              1. Address the idea to add a personal touch to young people's learning
                                1. Idea of a basic understanding of learning and building block concept.
                                2. Point of Dilemma being directly addressed
                                  1. SEN Students finding it increasingly difficult in standard lessons
                                  2. Total Concept
                                    1. Companion App for Classroom Lessons
                                      1. Increased Accessibility for SEN Lessons
                                        1. Clear Layout and bright, helpul themes.
                                        2. Format??
                                          1. Question based approach dependent on Lesson
                                            1. Fast paced and quick maintenance rehearsal means quicker learning
                                            2. More Relaxed info based format
                                              1. May Enforce Complacency
                                                1. Enables less informed students a platform to catch up
                                            3. 3D Compartment to aid Kinaesthetic learners
                                              1. Sort of cube contraption to associate learning processes with?
                                                1. Learning Board to incorporate different strategies
                                                  1. Magnetic Shapes
                                                    1. Felt shapes or letters?
                                                      1. Maths Symbols
                                                        1. Rests on Student Table / Lap
                                                    2. Calls and Attempts at Business Recognition
                                                      1. ELC
                                                        1. Apple
                                                          1. Meeting with SEN Department
                                                            1. Primary School
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