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Product Design


Product Design that's been put apart into its components.
Mind Map by DanK_VFX, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by DanK_VFX over 6 years ago

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Product Design
  1. Wood Work
    1. Saw
      1. Philes
        1. Wood Wax
        2. Metal Work
          1. Saws
            1. Emory Cloth
              1. Barrier Cream
                1. Philing
                2. Casting
                  1. Pewter
                    1. Forging
                      1. Alloy's and Ingots
                      2. Creativity
                        1. Inspiration
                          1. Originality
                          2. Designing
                            1. Drawing
                              1. Structure
                                1. 3D Model
                                2. Precision
                                  1. Care
                                    1. Technique
                                      1. Solid Design
                                      2. Effort
                                        1. Take Time
                                          1. Efficiency
                                          2. Time
                                            1. Taking as much time as you need
                                              1. Taking care but being efficient
                                                1. Dedication
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