Thai food

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Thai food
  1. Thai food is internationally famous
    1. Has five fundamental flavours.
      1. Hot (Spicy)
        1. Sour
          1. Sweet
            1. Salty
              1. Bitter
              2. Pure spices have been toned down and then enhanced by fresh herbs.
                1. Can be broken into four regional cuisine tastes
                  1. Central Thailand
                    1. Contains moderate flavor with herbs and sugar. Most curry dishes with coconut milk originate from Central Thailand.
                    2. Northern Thailand
                      1. Light flavors, with a little spices, not very hot with chillies, not salty and most dishes without sugar.
                      2. North Eastern
                        1. Traditionally very spicy and strong tasting dishes, which show that north-eastern Thais like strong flavors with chillies, salt, herbs, and spices.
                        2. Southern Thailand
                          1. Tends to have very strong flavor of food with spicy herbs, like turmeric, also tending to contain coconut milk
                        3. Decoration and appearance is top priority within Thai food.
                          1. Traditionally Thai food involves stewing, baking or grilling.
                            1. Chinese people moved into Southeast Asia, frying, stir-frying and deep-frying of food became more popular techniques, to this day pad thai (fried noodles) and khao pad (fried rice) remain classic Thai dishes.
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