What is the "Best" operating system?

Maqsood Jaffer
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what is the best operating system?

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What is the "Best" operating system?
1 Price
1.1 economic status
1.1.1 what your able to afford
1.2 cheapest with the most amount of value
2 UI (user interface)
2.1 easiest to use
3 Popularity
3.1 what i can use in public and not be made fun of
4 security
4.1 the most protective with our information
5 performance
5.1 windows
5.1.1 customizable
5.1.2 speed
5.1.3 program variety
5.1.4 User base
5.1.5 build performance
5.2 apple
5.2.1 speciality
5.2.2 clean slate Userinterface
5.2.3 build quality
5.2.4 virus free system
5.3 Linux
5.3.1 development
5.3.2 customizable
5.3.3 a hybrid between apple and windows
5.3.4 speeds to create
6 compatibility
6.1 thats has the most compatibility with other non native systems
7 function
7.1 something that has the most native features
8 speed
8.1 fastest computer ever able to run 120 fps
9 personal experience
9.1 something I'm most comfortable
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