What is meant by relevance and faithful representation?...

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Financial statements

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What is meant by relevance and faithful representation?...
1 Faithful representation requires that transactions and events should be accounted for in a manner that represent their true economic substance rather than the mere legal form.
2 Information presented in the financial statements should faithfully represent the transaction and events that occur during a period.
3 A machine is leased to Company A for the entire duration of its useful life. Although Company A is not the legal owner of the machine, it may be recognized as an asset in its balance sheet since the Company has control over the economic benefits that would be derived from the use of the asset. This is an application of the accountancy concept of substance over legal form, where economic substance of a transaction takes precedence over its legal aspects.
4 Substance over form requires that if substance of transaction differs from its legal form than such transaction should be accounted for in accordance with its substance and economic reality
5 The rationale behind this is that financial information contained in the financial statements should represent the business essence of transactions and events not merely their legal aspects in order to present a true and fair view
6 The requirement is for consistency between claims made in financial statements and economic reports and the actual financial state of the company. Accounting reports should reflect the accurate, reliable and verifiable financial position including debt, cash flow and company performance.
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