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computer network


computer network
Alfie Kingsford
Mind Map by Alfie Kingsford, updated more than 1 year ago
Alfie Kingsford
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computer network
  1. so you can play/speak/help ec ec you friends or people you know
    1. physical security
      1. LAN(local area network)
      2. password== so no one can get your info
        1. server
        2. user access levels
          1. you can play/speak/ ec ec to random people
            1. WAN(wide area network)
          2. firewall
            1. it is very impotant because it means people can not get your stuff
              1. encryption
              2. decryption
                1. It is how to unscrambl the encry
                2. it is a message that alerts
                  1. it will unlock the encryption but only people who have the key can get what you sent
                    1. key
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