Computer Science Section 1 Mind Map

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For help in the first theory section of computer science

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Computer Science Section 1 Mind Map
1 TCP/IP Stack
1.1 It is a complete set of networking protocols.
1.2 It is the most common protocol and consists of 4 layers
1.3 Examples are http, ftp, POP3, SMTP, telnet.
1.4 A TCP/IP stack is, roughly spoken, a piece of software for communicating with other network devices.
2.1 Domain name system
2.2 Helps computers exchange data through the internet.
2.3 Which manages a massive database that sources domain names to IP addresses.
2.4 Computers use DNS servers to look for domain names you are trying to access.
3 LANs & WANs
3.1 WAN - Wide are network
3.2 LAN - Local are network
3.3 LAN - is very quick however it is limited to a small area.
3.4 WAN - Larger shared area however it costs a lot and it is not very fast.
3.5 LAN - Advantages; Data can be shared easily, Central backup, Message, software can be shared, stored in a central place.
3.6 LAN - Disadvantages; Printing can be slow, Virus can be spread easily, Greater need for secutiry, If server fails all workstations will fail, Cost, Cable damage affects computers.
3.7 WAN - Advantages; There is a wider scale, Far greater, Can be world wide.
3.8 WAN - Disadvantages; Security is even more important, vulnerable to hackers, Easy to intercept data such as bank details and addresses.
4 Packet and Circuit switching
4.1 Packet switching moves data in separate small blocks
4.2 When packets are received they are reassembled in the proper sequence to make up the message
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