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Emily Lewis
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Emily Lewis
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  1. physical security
    1. can stop unwanted people from accsessing the hardware. for example a lock.
      1. so people cant steal passwords and steal hard drives with account details on.
    2. fire wall
      1. used to stop data being sent out or received by the computer.
        1. so you don't get viruses and bad stuff for you computer.
      2. local area nework
        1. are computers which are linked together in a small area(e.g. a school)
          1. so you dont have to go to a specific computer to do work.
        2. wide area network
          1. are computers which are linked together across a larger space (e.g. the internet)
            1. so you can go on games and websites
          2. server
            1. Is used to share files, programs and can also manage the security and logins of the network.
              1. so you can share stuff and programs because then not every computer dose'nt have to download anything
            2. Encryption
              1. used to scramble data being sent over a network so that it can't be read unless you have the key.
                1. so people cant see what your talking about and details.
              2. passwords
                1. Is needed to stop another person from logging into your account.
                  1. so people can't get into your accounts e.g. banks, emails and websites.
                2. user access levels
                  1. different users have different privilages.
                    1. because if someone who wasn't allowed might not be able to do downloading stuff might download something not allowed
                  2. decryption
                    1. used to unscramble data so you can read encripted messages .
                      1. so if someone sent you a email you can decrypt it so you can read it.
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