Cell Replication (Non-Reductive)

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Overview of non-reductive cell division

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Cell Replication (Non-Reductive)
1 Eukaryotes (Mitosis)
1.1 1. Interphase
1.1.1 G1
1.1.2 S
1.1.3 G2
1.2 2. Prophase (chromosomes condense and nuclear envelope breaks down)
1.3 3. Metaphase (chromosomes line up at equator and spindle fibres form)
1.4 4. Anaphase
1.4.1 Early (spindle fibres contract to start pulling chromosomes to ends)
1.4.2 Late (chromosomes at opposite ends. Cleavage furrow appears)
1.5 5. Telohase (Nuclear membrane reforms and cytokinesis occurs)
1.5.1 Cytokinesis Plants Cell plate forms (new cell wall) Animals Plasma membrane from one side joins the other
2 Prokaryotes (Binary fission)
2.1 1. Cell Doubles in Size
2.2 2. DNA Replicates
2.3 3. New membrane forms and cells split
3 Stem Cells
3.1 Embryonic (can differential into any type of cell)
3.2 Adult (make cells for particular tissue)
4 Cell Cycle (heavily controlled)
4.1 Replication error spotted leads to cell apoptosis
4.2 Replication error NOT spotted can lead to uncontrolled cell growth
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