2008- Why Did Obama Win

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A2- American Politics

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2008- Why Did Obama Win
1 The Impact of the primary:
1.1 Obama received 53% of delegate votes: including 66% of superdelegates -
1.2 Oprah accompanied him during the primary/ causus tour
1.2.1 Been calculated that she added 1 million votes.
1.3 Raised more fund during this season - Lack of enthusiasm from the Republicans
2 The Impact of the convention
2.1 It is a healing process for the Democrats
2.1.1 The Clintons: after the bitter personal primaries war between Obama and H.Clinton. The Clintons were left aggrieved and they have suggested that Obama did not have the experience or leadership qualities of a president.
2.2 Obama received enough superdelegate endorsement to secure simple majority , therefore winning the nomination.
3 Campaigne
3.1 Key issues of the campaigne
3.1.1 Withdrawing American troops from Iraq
3.1.2 Health Care
3.1.3 Economy
3.2 Impact of the Campaign
3.2.1 Obama was viewed as a candidate of a change
3.2.2 "Bush Effect" tied McCain to Bush
3.2.3 Palin had a negative effect to the Republican campaign
3.2.4 Obama did Internet based campaign Form of innovation More modern way Reach wider people It helped to create network for people which also helped with funds.
4 Problems Facing
4.1 the October supprise- Hurricane.
4.2 Bankruptcy of the bank leading to near collapse of Financial sector
4.2.1 Was blamed on the Republican after their "Light Touch" regulation
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