Guitar Notes By: Mary Amato

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This is about the book Guitar Notes. It is a really good book, I hope that you want to read it.

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Guitar Notes By: Mary Amato
1 Main Conflict
1.1 Cause: Lyla wants to be who she really is but Annie wont let her.
1.2 Conflict/Problem: Lyla dosent want to be "perfect" anymore.
2 Theme
2.1 Message Theme: Don't let people tell you who you have to be
2.2 How brought out in book: Annie starts out as Lyla's best friend, she is starting to be bossy and telling Lyla who to be. Lyla dosent want this anymore.
3 Setting
3.1 Place/Location Rockland School
3.2 Time: Present Day
4 Characters:
4.1 Name: Lyla Marks
4.1.1 Perfectionist
4.1.2 Musician
4.2 Name: Tripp Brody
4.2.1 Easy-going
4.2.2 Musician
4.3 Name: Annie Win
4.3.1 Bossy
4.3.2 Musician
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