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Fadak Almashat
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Creative Writing (fiction) Mind Map on fiction writing, created by Fadak Almashat on 08/27/2013.

Fadak Almashat
Created by Fadak Almashat about 6 years ago
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fiction writing
1 use clear understandable words, so the reader is aware of what you are saying. but that doesn't mean you shouldnt use obsecure words.
2 always ask yourself "if i was the reader will i be able to understand this" make sure your choice of words is very close to what you are trying to say
3 be creative with your choice of words and how you place next to each other, the shape of the words on the page can have some affect in the story.
4 there is no real way to writing great creative writing, the thing is about being creative is that you also have to place some of your own fairy dust and work the magic of your taste and your sound.

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