Types of Rocks

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Types of Rocks
1 organic Sedimentary rock :Coal
1.1 Formation
1.1.1 plant derbis
1.2 Types
1.2.1 Peat
1.2.2 Black coal sub-bituminous coal bituminous coal
1.2.3 Lignite
1.2.4 Anthracite
1.3 Location
1.3.1 United States
1.3.2 China
1.3.3 Canada
1.3.4 Mongolia
1.3.5 India
1.3.6 Pakistan
1.3.7 South Africa
1.3.8 Russia
1.3.9 Serbia
1.3.10 Belgium
1.4 Nowdays uses
1.4.1 electricity generation coal-burning power plants Steam coal
1.4.2 chemical products creosote oil naphthalene phenol benzene
1.4.3 soap
1.4.4 aspirins
1.4.5 solvents
1.4.6 dyes
1.4.7 plastics and fibers rayon nylon
1.4.8 combustible element steel production Heating Coal Coke cement manufacturing alumina refineries paper manufacturers Water boiled Ships Titanic steam locomotive
1.5 Historical uses
1.5.1 Britain 3000–2000 BC funeral pyres
1.5.2 Roman Period iron-working
1.5.3 China 1000 BCE smelt the copper
2 Metamorphic: Quartzite
2.1 Famous creations
2.1.1 statue of Peraha
2.1.2 figure of a baboon
2.1.3 statue of Ankhrekhu
2.2 Nowadays uses
2.2.1 decoration in buildings constructions
2.2.2 to cover walls
2.2.3 for countertops in kitchens
2.2.4 crushed quartzite is sometimes used in road construction
2.2.5 to produce: ferrosilicon industrial silica sand silicon carbide
2.3 Location
2.3.1 in many countries including Canada United Kingdom United States
2.4 Historical uses
2.4.1 in addition to flint
2.4.2 quartz
2.4.3 stone tools
2.5 Formation
2.5.1 protolith of sandstone
3 Igneous: Basalt
3.1 Location
3.1.1 The Moon
3.1.2 Mars
3.1.3 Oceanic Divergent Boundaries
3.1.4 Oceanic Hotspots
3.1.5 Mantle Plumes & Hotspots Below Continents
3.2 Nowdays Uses
3.2.1 aggregate in construction projects
3.2.2 road base
3.2.3 concrete aggregate
3.2.4 asphalt pavement aggregate
3.2.5 railroad ballast
3.2.6 filter stone in drain fields
3.2.7 Thin slabs of basalt cut and polished floor tiles building veneers monuments
3.3 Types
3.3.1 Tholeiitic basalt
3.3.2 MORB
3.3.3 Alkali basalt
3.3.4 Boninite (high-magnesium form of basalt)
3.4 Formation
3.4.1 three rock-forming environments divergent plate boundaries on the mid-ocean ridge system Hot Rock oceanic hotspots Hawaiian Islands mantle plumes and hotspots beneath continents. vents or fissures Columbia River Flood Basalts
3.5 Famous Creations
3.5.1 Staues Thutmose III Cleopatra VII
3.6 Historical Uses
3.6.1 Ancyent Egipt
3.6.2 Romans

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