Networking in Marketing and Advertising Companies: A Soft System Methodology Approach

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Networking in Marketing and Advertising Companies: A Soft System Methodology Approach
1 Managers are concerned with managing their marketing relationships
2 Marketing Research
2.1 Focus on relationships include the interaction and network approaches
3 Network Marketing
3.1 has become a diagnostic tool for examining interactive systems
4 Network
4.1 types of cooperation and collaboration
4.1.1 Vertical Networks established between the players of different stages in terms of technology
4.1.2 Horizontal Networks Competitors or suppliers of complementary products.
4.2 Can create the structures and processes
4.2.1 decision-making
4.2.2 Integrating members
4.2.3 Reducing required time for entering the market
4.3 Opportunities
4.3.1 Interdependence among among various systems
4.3.2 Complementary promoted by relationships investment
4.4 Every cooperative process could have an influence on every other company in the same network
4.5 Can concludes of with a series of junctions, such as people that have relationships
4.6 Advantages
4.6.1 Balance and extensive basis for relationship network
4.6.2 Created repeated transaction
4.6.3 Synergistic effect and achieving the results that cannot be realized by business separately
4.6.4 Creates jobs
4.6.5 Finding access to information and opportunities
5 Hard System Thinking
5.1 Systems exist and are centered on engineering a solution to an established requirement
5.2 Problem is well structured and clearly defined
5.2.1 algorithms for finding the solution
5.3 directed towards structured issues and objectives
6 Soft System
6.1 systems are Ill-structured
6.2 Have many interacting factors
6.3 Randomness
6.4 Evaluating standars
6.5 Soft System Methodology
6.5.1 Method for studying systems with certain features and high intervention by human factos HAS A collection of activities in which people are employed and the relationship between those activities are established purposefully Human Activity System
6.5.2 Tool for modeling, learning and meaning development
6.5.3 Empowering approach for participants for finding their ways to agree upon the action which they think will "improve" the problem situation
6.5.4 Types of Activites 1. understanding a problematic situation 2. Selecting determined models of activities 3. Finding more information about the situation 4. Defining the actions, which make the situation better
6.5.5 Stages 1 Investigate and define the situation Collect data gives an informal picture of the issue 2 Rich picture of the status quo Graphical technique representing the situation 3 Describing the suitable and related system Describe how the system is CATOWE Customers Actors Transformation Worldview Owners Environment Shows a mechanism for examining the principal definition and ensuring that the selected terms are as clear as possible Root definition explanation of what systems have to do, who is going to perform it and who in in charge of doing 4 Creating a conceptual model Should be validated through comparison with a formal system Components of a system 1.Purpose 2. Performance assessment 3. Process of decision making 4. Interrelated subsystems 5. Interaction with the periphery 6. Physical and human resources 7. Continuity 5 Conceptual model will been compared with the real world expressed Create a matrix Does this process have any profits? 6 Identify the various possible changes in terms of desirability and possibility These modifications may be those activities in the conceptual model, which do not exist in the real world 7 Most favorable and possible changes distinguished at Stage 6 are practiced Recommendations for change will be given
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