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Physical and human factor affecting population distribution and density


Physical and human factors
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Physical and human factor affecting population distribution and density
    1. +
      1. Underpopulation= surplus resources able to be sold for profit
        1. Traditions and religion beliefs lead to population growth e.g. amongst Muslim and Catholic communication
        2. -
          1. Overpopulation= exceeding carrying capacity and a shortage of resources
            1. Tradition of low birth rates
          2. Economic
            1. -
              1. Poor infrastructures (lack of communication and poor services)
                1. Limited export trade and poor markets
                  1. Limited employment opportunities
                  2. +
                    1. Good infrastructure, i.e roads, rails, electricity, water and other services
                      1. Good export trade and wealthy markets
                        1. A vast economic structure with agriculture, industry, and services offering a range of employment
                      2. Resources
                        1. + Good fish stocks, mineral and energy supply
                          1. - Lack of resources like fish, energy supply and minerals
                          2. Position
                            1. - Interior locations, remote and isolated from outside world
                              1. + Coastal, estuary locations accessible to the outside world and for trade
                              2. Drainage
                                1. - Marsh and swamp, lack of water supply
                                  1. Well drained soils for farming, adequate supply of water for supply of water for domestic, agricultural and industrial use
                                  2. Vegetation
                                    1. + Vegetation that is easy to clear or valuable land
                                      1. - Dense forest difficult to penetrate and clear
                                      2. Climate
                                        1. + Absence of extreme rainfall or temperature. Enough rainfall and adequate temperatures for crop growth
                                          1. - Severely climatic conditions, although low temperatures are real limiting factors
                                          2. Soil
                                            1. + Fertile, easily worked soils
                                              1. - Infertile soils, acid, leached and stony
                                              2. Relief
                                                1. + Lowland and gently undulating terrain
                                                  1. - Steep mountainous land
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