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my mind map of 15 strategies of vocabulary

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vocabulary strategies
    1. Is a graphic organizer
      1. it helps us learn new vacabulary
        1. by not only defining term in their own words
          1. contextualizing
            1. authentic
              1. visual representation
      2. GRAFFITI
        1. this serves
          1. when the vocabulary are associate with, subject specific concepts
            1. the students has create word posters
              1. 3 graffiti criteria
                1. vocabulary words is drawn using bubble letters
                  1. description of term use own words
                    1. at last 3 images representation the term
            2. MAKING MEANING
              1. this activity anticipatory
                1. for introduce students to context clues
                  1. the students
                    1. has identify 4-5 vacabulary
                      1. this is for understand in order to comprehed the text
                        1. this with the end to activate prior knowledge the students
                          1. that students learning the vocabulary term
              2. WORD WALL MATCH UP
                1. this activity
                  1. is for students learn to introducing new more complicated term
                    1. this strategies is for students will using
                      1. problems solving
                        1. reasoning skills
                          1. to mach up term with definitions
                  2. VOCABULARY ANCHOR
                    1. this activity is for
                      1. introduce a new term during whole group instruction
                        1. using an interactive smartboard
                          1. to facilite new terms
                            1. the students are familiar with the meaning of state
                              1. activate knowledge
                    2. VOCABULARY CARTOONS
                      1. is a excellent activity
                        1. that help students to visualize new words
                          1. it icludes the following elements
                            1. vocabulary term
                              1. phoenetic spelling
                                1. brief description
                                  1. liking words
                                    1. cartoon
                                      1. sentence that uses the vocabulary term
                                      2. the students have to consult the new word of the cartoon
                                  2. ESSENTIAL PREFIX
                                    1. A quick activity
                                      1. that can help students break down new words
                                        1. in based on their understanding
                                          1. of prefaxis
                                            1. root words
                                      2. WORDSPLASH
                                        1. is a collection of key words
                                          1. of any textbooks
                                            1. this strategy gives students a chance
                                              1. to relate the new words
                                        2. INTERVIEW A WORD
                                          1. using the interview a word strategies
                                            1. the students have review and summatize learning
                                              1. to develop and comprehension
                                          2. WORD SORTING
                                            1. provide a list of vocabulary
                                              1. of any textbooks
                                                1. the students have to classify several categories
                                                  1. example
                                                    1. parts of spech
                                                      1. braches of govermmet
                                                      2. students can- resort word into
                                                        1. guess my resort
                                                          1. using categories of their own choosing
                                                2. VOCABULARY FRAMES
                                                  1. in this activity
                                                    1. students will create vocabulary frames
                                                      1. using concept term
                                                        1. develop a definition on their own undertanding
                                                          1. right corner
                                                            1. left corner
                                                              1. and the students write a quick sentece to remind them of the words meaning
                                                                1. lower corner
                                                                  1. lower right corner
                                                        2. THE K.I.M STRATEGY
                                                          1. this activity is a basic version
                                                            1. where students identify the key term
                                                              1. information about it
                                                                1. this is based on their own understanding of vocabulary term
                                                          2. CROSSWORD PUZZLES
                                                            1. is a excellent way for students
                                                              1. apply the vocabulary they have already learned
                                                            2. VOCABULARY SQUARES
                                                              1. in this activity
                                                                1. the students have that dissect a word
                                                                  1. completing the componets of the vocabulary square worksheet
                                                                    1. with this apply their knowledge by creating
                                                                      1. visual representation
                                                                        1. sentece
                                                                2. LEARNING MAP
                                                                  1. is a form
                                                                    1. of concept maps
                                                                      1. develop by students
                                                                        1. based on their own undertanding
                                                                          1. experiences with the concepts
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