The Nine Essay Types

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The Nine Essay Types
1 Description
1.1 Recreate for the reader, in the most vivid language possible, your own or someone else's experience with the subject.
2 Example/Expository
2.1 Give one in-depth example, or a number of shorter examples, to explain a point.
3 Narrative
3.1 In simple time order, from the first event to the last event, tell a story that illustrates a point.
4 Cause & Effect
4.1 Explain by showing how one situation or event leads to another.
5 Analogy & Related Devices
5.1 In comparing two things, explain one using the other.
6 Comparison & Contrast
6.1 Explain by showing how two things are like or unlike each other.
7 Process Analysis
7.1 Show how something happens or how something is done.
8 Argumentation & Persuasion
8.1 Using any pattern that works, make a point through logical and/or emotional means.
9 Classification
9.1 Make a point by dividing your subject into categories.
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