Media Coursework

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Film trailer ideas for media coursework

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Media Coursework
1 Trailer
1.1 Why I chose this idea
1.1.1 I'm not limited in the content I create, whereas for something like a music video I would need to structure around a song
1.1.2 I can focus more on narrative and story in a way that I couldn't with other options
1.2 Possitives
1.2.1 Freedom to pace the video however I want
1.2.2 Freedom to focus on the narrative
1.2.3 I am allowed to experiment with more components such as music as well as dialogue
1.3 Negatives
1.3.1 I have to base any ideas or choices in a way that fits into the narrative
1.3.2 I have to implement more factors such as dialogue, music action etc.
2 Advert
2.1 Positives
2.1.1 Allowed freedom to create a brand of my own
2.1.2 Lack of narrative allows for more freedom to experiment with content
2.2 Negatives
2.2.1 More of a time constraint
2.2.2 Have to come up with multiple smaller ideas instead of one well thought out idea.
2.3 Why I didn't choose this option
2.3.1 There are less directions you can go with an advert, you are restricted by time in a way that impacts how fleshed out your ideas can be
3 Music Video
3.1 Positives
3.1.1 Lack of narrative essentially allows creative freedom
3.1.2 The song used allows for a great amount of inspiration for your work
3.2 Negetives
3.2.1 Have to shape any narrative around the song
3.2.2 Have to include elements such as lip synching which may be hard to implement into the narrative of the video
3.3 Why I didn't choose this option
3.3.1 I prefer to have more of a focus on narrative without having to consider the music too greatly
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