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1 Federal Rights vs States Rights
1.1 State Rights: Powers allocated to the states (local government)
1.1.1 Different Laws Between States Some states allow marajuana for recreational use
1.1.2 Manage and uphoald the law at a basic level Police
1.1.3 10th Amendment gives the states jurisdiction over anything that does not federal government does not facilitate
1.2 Federal Rights
1.2.1 Powers allocated to the Government Commerce Clause: the government can regulate trade/industry/bussiness Obamacare: making health care for everyone Harry Truman: wanting to control the iron industry to boost the war efforts Supremacy Clause: The federal government can overrule any state laws Gay Marriage: the federal government making gay marriage legal
1.2.2 Protects the nation with the Army, Navy, Airforce
2 Division of Powers
2.1 Checks and Blalances
2.1.1 Seperation of powers Executive Legalative Judicial
3 US Origins: Why we have Fedralism implemented
3.1 Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay
3.1.1 Persuaded the US government to adopt a federal government Did this to create a more perfect union to protect the colonies against Britain and to pay of the war debts. Stronger than the Articles of Confederation, made the US a country
3.2 Trends in our federal system over time.
3.2.1 Gradual power flow from state to federal Civil War strengthened the federal government's resolve Anytime there has been an external conflict, the federal government takes power
4 Definition: a political concept in which a group of members are bound together by covenant with a governing representative head.
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