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mindmap for federalism

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1 powers
1.1 coining money
1.2 making treaties
1.3 regulating interstate and international commerce
1.4 maintaining a postal service.
1.5 to override the states at times
2 examples
2.1 state government sometimes feels like the federal government is evading them
2.2 prevents the creation of national policy
2.3 constitution prohibits the exercise of certain powers or actions by both state and national govs.
2.4 gun rights are federal issues
3 trends
3.1 they were federalizing crimes which were usually state problems
3.2 sometimes they evade the rights of the states
3.3 they always have problems with the education system and the changes made by the federal government
3.4 sometimes they go against the constitution
4 role of bill of rights
4.1 any power that is not given to the federal government goes to the states
4.2 states should have power, but not as much as the federal government
4.3 sometimes they say they dont have to follow federal laws because of the tenth amendment
5 Concepts
5.1 there is a national government and other governmental units
5.2 it is a separation of power
5.3 dual Federalsim- described as a layer cake and eash layer has a different role
5.4 the constitution sets up a federal system
5.5 cooperative federalism- lets the power flow through the federal government (emerged during the new deal)
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