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A mind map of the Federal System
Mind Map by zayravelazquez, updated more than 1 year ago
Created by zayravelazquez over 6 years ago

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  1. Sharing of power
    1. National and state government
      1. Chief Justice Marshall- The longest serving leader of the Supreme Court
        1. The president has the right veto
          1. Congress has the right to overrule the veto
            1. If the judicial branch finds it unconstitutional they can reject it
          2. 10 amendment
            1. Checks and balances
              1. Allows review from multiple resources
                1. Prevents unfair treatment
            2. States Rights
              1. Gives states decisions that the federal government doesn't make
                1. The doctrine or belief that states have sovereignty equal to that of the federal government.
                2. Commerce Clause
                  1. – One of the powers granted to the Federal Government granted to congress, they regulate trade industry
                  2. Supremacy Clause
                    1. Claims that the power of government are the highest in the land
                    2. Current Trends
                      1. separation of power has become important as politics has changed and social issues have been appearing more often
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