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1 Trends
1.1 Minority Rights
1.1.1 Abolishment of Slavery
1.1.2 Women's Rights Women's suffrage
2 Distribution of Powers
2.1 The State
2.1.1 The states can make their own laws that apply exclusively to that state
2.2 The Country
2.2.1 Makes federal laws applicable to every state
2.2.2 With the supremacy clause, federal laws will win over state laws
2.2.3 Commerce Clause llows the federal gov. to regulate trade and business
3 Bill of Rights
3.1 Rights
3.1.1 Freedom of speech Allows Citizens the freedom to express themselves
3.2 Protection
3.2.1 Search and Seizure Prevents Spontaneous arrest or search in a private enclosure
4 Conflict
4.1 Gay Marriage
4.1.1 Previously certain states didn't allow gay marriage within its borders
4.2 Slavery
4.2.1 Federal gov. abolished slavery, but some states broke off in disagreement
5 Elements of Federalism
5.1 states are unionized under one government
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