Return to Sender: Character Development

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Created by kmeinken36 almost 6 years ago
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Return to Sender: Character Development
1 Story Structure
1.1 Create a set of story boards, one for each chapter, with a good title for each chapter, picture and summary
1.2 Students create Trading cards using an online resource to track charter traits
1.3 Students create skits using paper bags, pertaining to important events in a story. Other students have to discover what scene and characters the students are using.
2 Vocabulary
2.1 Create a word wall with words used to describe characters, at the begining and the end of the story
2.2 Have students find sentences that are a turning point for a specific character.
3 Reading Logs
3.1 Students write double entry journals having quotes in one column and how those quotes have changed the character
3.2 Students write response such as Character introspections and character assessment
3.3 Have students respond to question on a discussion board, and respond to each other
4 Research
4.1 Have students research the issue of Immigration
4.2 Research about the author: Why did they write this book
5 Writing
5.1 have students respond to one of Maria's letters
5.2 What if Tyler wrote a letter who would he write it to. Have the students pretend to be Tyler and write a letter.
5.3 Take a scene from the book where Tyler made a dissicion to ignore Maria and her family and have the student write a narrative if he had made a different desscision.
6 Grand conversation
6.1 Have students share their thoughts on the chapter
6.2 Have students make predictions about what will happen next, and give evidence as to why they think it will happen
6.3 Have students share quotes from the chapter which represent a change in Tyler of Maria

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