Marco Polo

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Marco Polo
  1. Biography
    1. He was born in Venecia, in 1254
      1. He was an explorer and a merchant
        1. He acompanied his father in many times in trips
          1. He died 8 or 9 January 1324
            1. Marco Polo
              1. Marco Polo was born and learned to trade in Venice while his father Niccolò and his uncle Maffeo, traveled through Asia that have known to Kublai Khan.
                1. In 1295 Venice was at war with his rival, the Republic of Genoa. During the conflict Marco was captured and imprisoned by the Genoese.
                  1. It was in that situation that in 1298, during his time in prison, met the writer Rustichello of Pisa, whom he related his fabulous trips
                  2. He wrote a travel book
                    1. Book of the wonders of the world
                      1. The book tells the travel of Marco Polo to China.
                        1. 1ºThe first part of the book descibres the land of the middel east and central asia that Marco Polo passed through on his way to China
                          1. 2ºThe second book speak of China and the court of Kublai Khan
                            1. 3ºJapan, India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia and the east coast of Africa in the third several coastal regions of East are described3º
                              1. 4ºThe fourth book is about the wars that kept each other shortly before mongoles, and also describes some regions rather more to the north, like Russia
                          2. Discover
                            1. In one of trips, he discovered a new religion that was unknown in West: Buddhism
                            2. Route
                              1. 1º* From Venice. * Rodeo Greece to reach Constantinople. * Crossing the Black Sea and the Azov.
                                1. 2 * Transit Eurasian steppes, crossing the Volga and surrounding the Caspian Sea to the north up to the Aral Sea and the city of Bukhara. *
                                  1. 3º Crossing the mountains and deserts of Central Asia via the Silk Road, to reach the court of Kublai Khan.
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