The Princess Diaries

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The Princess Diaries
  1. Main charaters
    1. Mia Thempolis
      1. Lilly Movicoiv
        1. Mia's mom
          1. Grandmere
            1. Mia's Dad
              1. Mr. G (algerbra teacher/ Mia's mom's boyfriend)
                1. Josh Richter
                2. Big moment #1
                  1. Mia finds out she is a princess!
                    1. Grandmere is starting to slowly change Mia to Princess Amlia of Gonevia
                  2. Big moment #2
                    1. Mia goes to her house and showers after being at Grandmere's and goes to Lilly's house Lilly thinks she looks terrible!
                    2. GROSS moment #1
                      1. After the fight with Lilly, Mia goes home she wakes up to find in her kichen Mr.G, in his undergarments!
                      2. biggest moment ever#1
                        1. Breaks up with Josh and dances with Micheal instead
                          1. Makes up with Lilly
                            1. sleeps over at Lilly's house
                            2. Mia gets asked to the dance by Josh Richter and says yes
                              1. The end!
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