This Journal Belongs to Ratchet

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My Q2BP is on This Journal Belongs to Ratchet.

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This Journal Belongs to Ratchet
1 Main Characters
1.1 Ratchet
1.1.1 Ratchet is Mr. Vance's daughter and she does a lot of car work in the garage with her dad. Courageous and Generous
1.2 Hunter
1.2.1 Mr. Vance Mr. Vance is Ratchet's dad and the teacher of a go cart class Helpful and Stubborn ( sometimes)
1.2.2 Hunter is one of Mr. Vance's go kart students Kind and Determined
2 Main Conflict
2.1 The main conflict in this story is that Ratchet wants to know what is in the lock box, but her dad does not.
2.1.1 The cause of the main conflict is that Ratchet thinks that there is information about her mom and she wants to know more about her mom since her dad doesn't talk about her at all.
3 Theme
3.1 The theme is that you need to listen to what people say or you get the consequences.
3.1.1 This is brought out in the book because Ratchet does not listen to her dad and opens the box and now her dad is very mad and upset with her.
4 Setting
4.1 Place: Near/ at Moss Tree Park
4.2 Time: Not very clear/ present day
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